Dealing With Stress

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Different people deal with stress differently. There is no absolutely right way to deal with stress. What works well for one person may not work well for another.

One of effective methods dealing with stress works for me is reaching out to others. Sometimes we can handle some pressures well. But stress often hit us again and again, and make us feel helpless and frustrated. I realize talking can be healing. But it doesn¡¯t mean every should find a psychiatrist. In most cases, I would like to talk to people who are close to me and whom I trust. When I encounter some crises, talking to friends and family member can give me a lot of comfort and encouragement. When I have trouble coping with some tough tasks in school or workplace, discussing with my colleague, classmate, teacher or advisor can give me a lot of help and ideas to solve many problems and to meet deadlines effectively.

When we are talking to people, we are identifying our problems more clearly, and we are actually trying to ¡°use¡± stress in a productive way. Sometimes, talking to people may not give us direct solution to the problem, but it can make us feel better. Our friends, parents, teachers or someone we love can give us a lot of strengths and consolation. After talking, we feel relieved, and we can even feel the load is gone. Talking can change the way we see things. After we talking to people, some problems may not seem so horrible and important as we thought before, because we may get some new ideas and inspirations from others by communication. Talking can make us laugh and relaxed, thus it can drive away a lot of stress. By talking and communicating with others, we are not isolated and...

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