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asa As a member of the New York senate convention I have given much thought to the matter of ratifying the newly proposed constitution. It is clear that there was a need for change from the old Articles Of Confederation. Our growing country needs a new approach in order to allow it to reach its potential as a country. I feel it is my duty as a representative from the state of New York to act in a way that pleases my constitutes. Many people fear that this newly proposed constitution will not adequately support their rights. However, in a situation that is of such importance, and which will cause major implications for the future of this country, I must act as a representative of the common man of a free country. Therefore, the state of New York has decided to join in the ratification of the newly proposed Constitution.

However, this is only under the condition that the Constitution be immodestly amended to contain a Bill Of Rights.

The current system of government will exacerbate the problems that already exist.. The most important thing for our country is to keep a high level of peace. With the increasing number of conflicts between the states, it is almost inevitable that more serious problems will arise under our current system.

(Document 1) There must be an equal balance of power between the states and a central form of government in order to ensure a successful system of government. I have found in the new Constitution the foundation for such a system of government. The current system of government has also caused a strong feeling of inequality between the less populated states to the west. The common people such as farmers, are not united with the merchants of the cities to the...

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