Dangers of tattoos this essay shows the dangers of getting a tattoo. my max u.

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Dangers of Tattoos

By Max U.

The rage amongst many of today's youth is tattoos. Though they sometimes look cool, you may be getting more than you paid for. The tattoo business is very dangerous. Many diseases can be contracted from the needles used for the tattoos.

Tattoos come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. It can take thirty seconds or hours upon hours for the procedure. There are all sorts of tattoos; there are tribal tattoos, tattoos that are sentimental, or tattoos that are just meant to be art. But no matter which one you get, you are risking your health.

The tip of a tattoo needle is hollow which is where the dye is stored. Sometimes blood gets in the hollow part and depending on how well kept the tattoo parlor is the residual blood can get into your bloodstream and give you nasty diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis.

The way a tattoo works is the artist dips the needle into ink then the rubber band and machine operated piece of equipment propels the needle up and down rapidly causing the needle to break the surface of the skin and leaving the ink there.

Tattoos are not permanent. Doctors can now use a laser to remove tattoos. But, if you thought getting the tattoo was painful this is about 5 times worse. Plus, the tattoo is never completely gone. There are horrible looking scars after the procedure is complete. And to top that off, a tattoo that cost fifty dollars to have put on, can cost one thousand dollars to have removed.

One of the most common side effects from a tattoo is the skin having a reaction to the dye. If this happens the skin will form a rash or sometimes a bad scab.

Throughout history...

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