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The movie "intolerance" by D.W. Griffith was a highly controversial movie especially in comparison to his last movie which was a break through in film. Intolerance was also felt to be a new challenge by D.W. Griffith. In regard to the facts that there were many new techniques being played within the film. He uses cross cut as before but between two different stories taking place in different time and setting. He also used the knitting of four different stories into one and involving a climax in every separate story. You begin to see a common structure through all of the stories and I believe this to be effective in cinematic terms.

I felt the scene that his development of new cinematic techniques could be best seen in was the car chase in the modern day portion of the film. Thought out the entire storie you are waiting for the husband to be cleared.

Finally out side of the governor's house she is caught and she ends up confessing. Once she confesses to the marshal yet, the governor has already left.

Meanwhile, the husband is getting his last sacraments. The marshal and the others get into the car and it begins. They go to the train station to find the train has just pulled off and they get into the car and take off after it. The screen starts to switch shots from the train to the guy on his death bed. Then later in the shot it is from the train to the car and then the guy on his death bed. Just as they make it to the train they show they show the man walking up to the noose. Then the collage of shots of communication, they switch to the knives about to cut the string...

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