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In The Case of the Complaining Customer, the company implemented a new system that was designed to improve business by simplifying orders and reducing down time.

Presto Cleaners introduced a new method of operation that would allow for faster and easier service. The changes put into effect were a culmination of research data and customer input. The environment in this case was the cause for the change in the system. The customer, a very important part of the environment surrounding the system, is whom the company endeavors to satisfy. Therefore, customer feedback concerning quality and efficiency of service was crucial in the planning of a new system.

Presto Cleaners' environment necessitated a system change to accommodate growing customer demands and to ensure future successes. The simple fact is that, every customer cannot be pleased all of the time. Reorganizing and upgrading systems is inevitable and ongoing, as customer needs change.

Though, once the service is improved or enhanced to better serve the customer, it is unavoidable that there will be some customers who will not feel they have benefited by this change and so the whole cycle continues.

Therefore, we know that the environment caused the system to change.

What are the real and stated objectives of the system? The problem that occurs is the result of a new computer system put into operation by Presto Cleaners. The main objective of this new system is to improve service to the customer. More specifically, the new system is designed to reduce the customer's waiting time and to make the process of drop-off and pickup of clothing easier and more efficient. Unfortunately, due to the lack of employee knowledge with the new system and its impractical nature with customer clothing arrangements, the system faces difficulties meeting intended objectives. On the other hand,

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