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This was an assignment to research the differences between the family lives of two different cultures. it explores different traditions, backgrounds, and stereotypes found in a family from India and a Family from Canada

Our world is full of so much diversity; it is sometimes hard to believe that people living in the same country can have such a difference in attitudes, values, and goals. In this report I will be comparing two normal families, one that lives in India, and another that lives here in Canada. I will be sharing the differences and similarities between these families. By learning more about other family's way of life, we can expand our minds and pass things like tolerance on to our children, making everyone live a more productive life.

In India

The family structure in most Indian Families extended. There can be Grandparents even Great Grandparents all living under one household.

This way of living was created by the traditions of the Indian Religion. Once a son is married, the Offspring is responsible for looking after his parents. In Indian households, the family is usually very close. Title is very important to Indian families; there are still many arranged marriages. This takes place when two families of equal social status bring together their offspring, if everyone approves, there is a wedding. This doesn't mean the children have to go through with it, if a child does choose a mate on their own; they still must get the approval of both families. Marring outside of ones race or religion is frowned upon, and is usually never done. Showing off how great each family is, is very popular, one must impress the others family in order to get the wedding. There is what they call a dowry, which the father of the bride...

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