The Crysalids - The Role of Rosalind

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Rosalind is the most powerful girl in the Chrysalids. In this book, Rosalind proves that girls know how to defend themselves and protect others when problems arise in her life. She proves that girl aren?t just little sissies that can?t take care of themselves when they can?t do something. Rosalind is very protective about her friends and her family and is always prepared for life?s little dillemmas. She is very strong and knows how what to expect from people that she meets along the road.

When Sally and Catherine were arrested, Rosalind knew exactly what to do.

She was already prepared wit supplies to make a fast get ? away. She had supplies like food, water and blankets all packed up in the pannier baskets on her father?s great horses. All of this proves that she is always prepared for anything and everything that comes her way.

She also made sure that David and Petra we also able to get away before the inspector found them.

She warned them just in time so that they had enough time to make a quick and quiet escape from their house. She made sure that she had enough room and enough supplies for both of them along with whatever supplies they might have brought. She told David and Petra to meet her somewhere in the forest so that she knew that they were alright and got away safely.

Rosalind is also a very strong girl that is up to any fight when she needs to protect herself and other people. She knows how to deal with anything that comes her way and knows how to put up a fight. For example when the whole thought group showed up in the forest to save Petra, and the old man saw them and asked them how they all knew Petra was there she knew exactly what to do and what to say. Also, when David, Petra and Rosalind were running away from the people of Waknuk , and they saw the man in the woods, she quickly took out an arrow and shot it at the horses chest so that the man would be thrown off his horse. Another example is that she was p[retty much being the leader of David and Petra by bringing them from Waknuk to the Fringes to be saved by the Sealand people. Rosalind proves that girl can be stronger trhan they seem to be. They are not just little weaklings that alwayas deoend on other people to take care of their problems. Although Rosalind is protective, prepared and very strong she still has more to her. She shows her tough exterior all the time instead of letting her caring, loving interior that she hardly ever shows. She keeps it all inside instead of letting out something that some people wish that they could see in her and hope that they can find out how she really is.

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