The crusade and the crusades of today. Question 1> Is religion just a coverup for war? Question 2> why has war and religion always been walking hand in hand?

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'Declare a holy war, call the troops to arm.'

(Joel 3: 9)

The Crusade

Crusading for religion, greed and peace.

I quote myself:

'Religion and war is the same thing, control of the many by the few'

Simon 8E

The first Crusade.

The facts.

The year was 1095 and the Arabs had for over 400 years been controlling the sacred land, Palestine. Arabs at that time wasn't called Arabs but they where called Mohammedans or "the unfaithful" by the Christian people. The Arabs where starting to be more intolerant then before even though they've been controlling Jerusalem for over 400 years. The Christian pilgrims had always been allowed to visit the sacred grave of Jesus, but not any more. This out raged the Christians and the pope declared a holy war by travelling to France preaching to the highnesses.

The eastern roman emperor Alexjos helped the crusade by getting gear and boats to travel across the sea to the west Asian side.

When they arrived to the city of Nicaea they saw the high walls and their catapults made no matter against the heavy walls. They defeated one army of mounted soldiers swiftly but then again the high walls. So then again the crusade asked the emperor Alexjos for help.

He answered that he gratefully would help them but this time for a small fee. He wanted the city in return and the crusaders couldn't say no, because they had to go on. So he gave them heavy war and siege machines because he got his profit from doing that. After one day of siege the Arabs took heavy casualties and gave up; Great sovereign from distant lands, we had enough, we give up. The city is yours.

Now the crusade were slowly walking towards Palestine, but even...

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