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The Crucible and the Hollywood Blacklist The 1950's witnessed a reoccurrence of could be called the "Witchcraft Trials of the 1950's." The Cold war was in full effect during this time, and the U.S. was very anti-Communist. Just as the characters of the Crucible (people in Salem Village) were very hostile toward anybody that acted in an irregular fashion or did something out of the ordinary, we did in the 50's just as well. The Hollywood Blacklist of the 50's had a huge impact on the people of America and the people put on the list (just like in Salem with the people accused of witchery). Both, the 1950's Hollywood Blacklist and the Crucible illustrate how fear and hysteria can cause total chaos in a society already filled with havoc and uncertainty.

The 1950's Hollywood Blacklist was a list of people, who were supposedly believed to be communists. This mentality of a Blacklist can also be seen in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Just like the 1950's Blacklist, The Crucible had one just as well. Whenever anyone was accused of being a witch or when was supposedly identified as being a witched, their name was known to the public and were greatly condemned for it. The Hollywood Blacklist did the same thing, though with accused Communists. As a result, by publishing the people's names (who are most likely not even guilty for they've been charged for) they have to suffer a great amount of humility and anguish. These listed people are now publicly known and looked down upon. Had fear not been a predominant theme in both the Hollywood Blacklists and The Crucible (witchcraft trials) none of this would've occurred at such a high level. This idea can be seen in both the Blacklists and The Crucible. Once...

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