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CRUCIBLE ESSAY Crucible is a severe test or trial, this is what happened to many of the characters in the play. The town would put them thru a test by accusing them of witchcraft. A lot of the people of Salem were changed by the test or trials they went thru. Then there was some that never changed because they stuck to what they believed in. There were two people in the play that changed dramatically thru the entire trials and they were Elizabeth Proctor and Reverend Parris. Then there was Giles Corey and he never changed through out the entire play and he died for it.

Cold is how I would describe Elizabeth Proctor because of her attitude towards John. In scene two John is asking her questions and trying to make conversation with her. Elizabeth is being short with him like she knows something but will not tell him about it, instead she hints around.

By the end of the story she is more caring for John. In act four she starts to take the blame for some of the things that have happened between John and her. Then she tells John before he is about to admit to being a witch that he is a good man and that she will not judge him anymore.

Selfish is how I would describe Reverend Parris because he never wanted to look bad. In act one Reverend Parris caught the girls playing in the woods and then when the girls came back they were sick and the Reverend said that it was not caused by the unnatural. He then was asking Abigail about her name and was it "white" and that he wanted to make sure his was. He wanted to blame someone else besides his niece because if it were his niece that did something bad his name would no longer be "white" in Salem. Then towards the end of the play he became more concerned and started to care for the citizens of Salem. In act four he told everyone that Abigail ran off with his money and got on a boat. Also he was asking Danforth if he would postpone all of the hangings to see if anyone would confess like John Proctor or Rebecca nurse because then everyone else would. Reverend Parris began to think about the town of Salem instead of himself at the end of the play.

Both determined and crazy are adjectives I would use to describe Giles Corey because of the test he went thru. In act one he was really nosey. He was always getting the way and asking a lot of questions. He was always in court for suing someone. He is always telling on people and even got his own wife in trouble. Then he also said that Putnam would never get any of his land. By the end of the play he is still determined and crazy as ever. In act three Giles is trying to get his wife out of being hung by saying that he never saw her read books and he was only saying that, that made him look crazy. Then he dies by not answering when they ask him if he is a witch or not, because he wanted his children to inherit all his land, he was pressed to death.

I think that Elizabeth went under the most dramatic change thru out this play because at first she was really cold and short with their conversations. Then she started opening up with him and she started taking the blame for a lot of things. Admitting to your mistakes is one of the hardest things I think there is to do, which is why I think she went under the most profound change of all the characters.

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