The Crucible

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The ammendments are a set of rules that lay down the law with justice. All people must live through these ammendments and follow them. But that is not the case in " The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. Events in this story violate ammendments one, four, five, six, and eight. I will use evidence from the text to present how this story contravened ammendments, one , four, and five.

Ammendment one gives the people the right to freedom of speech and expression, it gives them religous freedom, it prohibits the involvement of law in religion, and it gives them a chance to say what they want against the goverment.

In " The Crucible " the people were being forced to go to church,even though they did not praise the same god or did not feel like going. This violated their right to freedom of religion. The law was also inducted with religion because all sinners were put on trail or punished.

This as well defied the ammendment. On pg. 98, Mr.

Hale tries to express his opinion on the fear that is lurking in the town and the witch craft situation developing, but is not given the opportunity to speak by the judge. This violates the ammendment because Mr. Hale is being kept away from his right to freedom of expression. As well on pg. 132, Elizabeth Proctor is being forced to say things she does not want to say. Danforth is trying to make Elizabeth speak up, he wants to know if she will contend against her husband John Proctor.

This is not freedom of speech, its involuntary confession, and a breach of the ammendment.

Ammendment four states that in order for a cop to search someone, they need a warrant from the judge, and need proof of evidence...

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