The Crucible

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Book Summary: In the beginning of The Crucible Reverend Parris caught the girls dancing in the forest. He went out from where he was hiding to confront them and his daughter Betty fainted. He believed that they were doing witchcraft, and Betty's soul was capture by the devil. His niece Abigail denies it. He question Abigail, but she said that they were just dancing; not doing witchcraft. Later on in act I, Mr.

Parris send for Reverend Hale. Reverend Hale is from another town; he is known for capturing witches. Mr. Putnam is Mr. Parris's neighbor and he believed his daughter Ruth fainted because she was involved in the witchcraft dance.

The Putnam sent for Rebecca Nurse, because she is a wise old woman. When she arrives she went to see Betty. Before the Putnam sends for Rebecca Nurse, Abigail made a visit to Betty and told her not to say a word or give away clues of what they did.

Rebecca Nurse says that evil spirits captured her soul. Reverend Hale arrives later during the act and wanted to question Abigail and Tituba. He asked if they had an encounter with the devil or sign the book and god would not forgive them. Abigail broke down and said that Tituba made her drink blood. Tituba got scared and say that the devil made her do it. And then Betty woke up and started screaming names that's with the devil.

Later Abigail and Tituba also scream out more names.

In act II Elizabeth Proctor had lost faith in John Proctor because he committed adultery. John ask where is Mary and Elizabeth said that she went to the court. When Mary Warren return; she give Elizabeth a poppet that she made in court and told them that Elizabeth has been accused of witchcraft.

They send Mary to bed and Reverend Hale arrives. He came to check on Elizabeth since she is being accused. He questions her and asked if John knows the 10 commandments. John left out one; the one that he committed. Later Mr. Cheever arrives and wanted to arrest Elizabeth. For witchcraft with the poppet because Abigail got a needle stuck in her stomach. And there was also a needle in the poppet's stomach. They call Mary down to explain about the poppet; which she admitted for making it. She also stated that she made it in court and Abigail was right next to her.

John Proctor got angry and tears up the warrant. Reverend Hale let them take Elizabeth away.

John decides to take Mary to court tomorrow to confess about what she knows about the dance and the relationship between him and Abigail. Danforth is the judge and is a very stubborn man. He doesn't want the court to be overthrown. In the courtroom Mary confess that all of this is all pretence and that Abigail is behind all of it. Abigail denied it and says that Mary lies. Afterwards Abigail and the girls pretend that Mary was sending out spirits to kill Abigail. Mary to scared and said that the devils made her do it and now she's on Abigail's side. John then told the court about his relationship with Abigail.

Judge Danforth called for Elizabeth and asked her if John had committed anything un-holy and Elizabeth lies to protect her husband's good name. The judge sends her out and accused John of lying to save his wife. Reverend Hale got up-set and he said that he was wrong to have believed Abigail in the first place instead of John. So Reverend Hale left the courtroom. John was angry and said that this is all wrong; this is what the devil had wanted and if they keep on it would ruin all of them. Judge Danforth gives order to arrest John. Mr. Parris was feeling guilty about all of this because after Abigail heard that the court was overthrown in Andover, she ran away with Mercy. Reverend Hale returns to town and try to make the victim confess. They asked Elizabeth to talk to John to tell him to confess before sun rises otherwise he'll be hanged. John refused to live with a lie. He sign and confess, but will not have his signature be nailed on the door of the church saying that he have confess. So he tears up the confession paper and decided to take the hang instead of betraying his friend.

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