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Every human, at some time in their life, experiences some form of hardships and misfortune. Ranging from dramatic problems in a teenagers love life, all the way to adult homelessness and bankruptcy, hardships and misfortune are quite common. The excerpt from the novel The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, and the poem "Mother to Son", by Langston Huges, both demonstrate the idea of life's inevitable hardships and misfortune.

Hardships and misfortune are seen in the excerpt from the novel The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver. Taylor says, "How can I just be upset about Turtle, about a grown man hurting a baby, when the whole way of the world is to pick on people who can't fight back." Taylor is expressing her anger and frustration over her "daughter's" misfortunate situation. She is also recognizing the many other people in the world who are picked on, ""¦especially people who can't fight back"; meaning people who are too physically or mentally weak to stand up for themselves.

This situation can be described as misfortunate. Taylor goes on further, stating, "Look at those guys out in the park with no place to go." Taylor is now recognizing the misfortune in homeless people. If a temporary condition prevents a person from owning and/or living in a home, it can also be seen as a hardship in that person's life. In the excerpt, many literary elements are used to help convey the authors point. One of these elements is theme. The theme in this excerpt centers on the fact that everyone, regardless of who they are, experience some kind of hardships or misfortune. Figurative language is evident in the phrase that Lou Ann says to Taylor, "you're going to dry up and blow away." Taylor won't really blow away, but figurative...

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