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The Reasonable Man on Tour Critique Kris Lefebvre This article focuses on the thought process and behavioral patterns of a reasonable man. It directs the attention towards the question "would a reasonable man", and then goes on to list many different circumstances. In a sense though, I thought it contained a little sarcasm and black humor, but not enough for a reasonable person to pick up on it. I think this article questions the fact that there are few standards in place to determine what is reasonable, and who's to say what is, or isn't reasonable, to an extent. This article also knocks lawyers pretty well, and ties in very nicely to my own personal views, and the point trying to be made.

I must say that I did enjoy the article. Right away I was saying to myself, who are the people who determine who is or isn"˜t a reasonable person.

Who's to say that a person who is considered unreasonable, is the most reasonable one of them all. When you talk about being on a plane, and acting like a reasonable passenger; what about being on the plane in the first place. I know that mankind has gone a long way in aviation these days, but when I think about flying, I think about two things: Flying through the air about 600 km an hour in a metal cylinder with wings, and the fact that if there ever was a problem on a plane, and you were going down, I can pretty much guarantee that you aren't going to make it. Is that reasonable? The other point I enjoyed about the article was the good bashing on lawyers, as well as the lack of intelligence in reasonable people. Just because you may be a little more cautious around a slippery area, or you get set up with the right travel agent, of course being accompanied by your own lawyer, doesn't change the fact that you could be a total idiot. Maybe the person enjoys buck naked line dancing video's in his/her spare time. Isn't the serial killer the guy who lived beside people for twenty years and was the perfect neighbor? Don't the neighbors praise these people on camera only to find out there axe murderers? I question people's intelligent more than once a day. Reading this article just got me more into it. Maybe I misinterpreted the entire article because I've had too many coffee, and am going a little swanky, but I'm pretty sure that it was a black humor. Kind of like a catch-22 without the catch. I guess you could say that the word reasonable differs in meaning from person to person, religion to religion and so on to lawyers.

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