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Court Project MWF 8:30 By William Foutch I have gone to the Corrow case how Missis Corrow had killed her three kids and tried to shoot her self but lived on Nov. 22 1999.

1 hour 10:00-11:00am 10/12/01 In room 46 in the Ventura courtroom judge D. Coleman was the judge and a witness from the defense side took to the stand. A woman who had been having an affair with Dr. Corrow late in July 1999 she had been working along side him at his office but his wife worked for him to but he fired her around the August as well. They would e-mail each other in secret and told each other that they had loved on another and have had sex on two accounts both times in August. In my own opinion it looked as if they were trying to pin this on the husband by doing this making it look like he wonted to be with this lady so he shot and killed his kids and tried to kill his wife.

When I saw both of them Mister and Missis Corrow nether one of them looked like they had any emotion at all like they didn't care or were in shock still.

1 hour 10:00-11:00am 10/24/01 In room 26 with judge D. Coleman with the Corrow case they were going over the attorney argument for jury instructions from both sides of the party's. the giving of the instructions to the jury to clarify · Voluntary intoxication · In-voluntary intoxication (was refused by judge) · Homicide defined · Murder defined · Deliberate premeditated murder · Unpremeditated murder · Duty of jury to ask what degree of murder · Ask 1st, 2nd , 3rd degree of murder · Personal use of firearms · Intentional personal discharge of firearm...

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