Crime Scene Investigation in the Public Eye

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In the cold world of criminals and murders there is a person that is first-rate at what they do. This person isn't a policeman, a detective, or an attorney. This person is a member of an elite force of forensic crime scene investigative criminologists. This special person sees and manages situations that an average person would not know how to handle. The duties of a crime scene investigator can be brutal and difficult duties that deny them the bliss of an ordinary person. These outstanding responsibilities have lead the commercial world to take an interest in what a normal medicolegal death investigator might consider an average day. Shows like Crossing Jordan, CSI: Las Vegas, and Forensic Files can only begin to touch upon what the daily life of a death investigator is like.

These shows have left a major impact on the way society is influenced by death.

Before many of these shows were aired, people had no idea of the intelligence level or lengths an investigator had to go through to accomplish solving a case. Because of shows like CSI and Crossing Jordan I think that society has received a newfound respect for those officials investigating the various forms and fashions of the deceased. On the other hand, these shows can create a false sense of reality. Many of the deaths that are displayed on these shows are not typical cases, (although no case is really typical) but detail more extraordinary cases of homicide or suicide. Also, many of the methods that the investigators use on these programs are pretty far fetched. In one episode of CSI that I viewed, the victim had been involved in a car accident and investigators went as far as to take the actual car in to the lab and reconstructed what...

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