Creative writing. 250 words. Why we customize and restore cars.

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There is a certain place in your heart that feels the pangs of envy as a restored classic car rolls by

you. In the south, where I'm from, muscle cars and trucks dominate the roads, all in various

stages of restoration, from the sparkle of the custom paint, the gleam of the polished chrome,

to the hearty rumble of the exhaust. Many years of blood, sweat, tears, and thousands of dollars

go into a car to bring it back to the original state that it was in when it first came off the

production line. When I bought my project truck, I didn't see a beat up, rusted pick up, instead I

saw visions of trophies, and ribbons, magazine covers, and a really nice ride. In all actuality, I

know that my truck will never receive those honors. The art of restoration is not about money and

magazines, it is about the love of the car, the desire to have the best, and the feeling you get when

heads turn and jaws drop.

Many people will argue over the best way to go about restoring a car,

but that does not mean that anyone is wrong. Restoration is all about beauty, and while there are

many ways to get there, the end result is always the same. A beautiful car, or truck, that shines in

all of its glory, as it once did back in the golden days of automobiles.

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