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I have never before taken a class on creative writing before. I did not know what to expect especially since I took this class in place of another. As an education major I am required to take a course entitled Teaching Writing in the Schools, or as a substitute, a 300 or 400 level writing intensive English course. I decided to take creative writing because I have always enjoyed writing and have considered myself to be a decent writer. I have however learned a lot in this class about writing that I will use for myself and also be able to pass along to my students.

The main thing that I had to work on was the use of clichés. I did not realize how often I used them in my writing or speaking for that matter. It does make sense however because a cliché is an over used phrase.

The first draft of my Examination poem was filled with clichés. I think I got caught up in them because my language for that poem was simple to begin with. Since that was one of the first poems I did for this class I was not in the frame of mind to think very critically about the words I was writing. In my other poems, however, I was very careful to not include clichés.

Although having to take time out to go see the creative writers series was at times inconvenient I think it was beneficial. The basic fundamentals that I learned from them such as, keep writing, write about everything, include details, and set your own personal goals to follow. I feel that these are all good ideals to pass along to children as young writers. I don't recall being encouraged to write a lot when I was in...

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