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After I graduated high school, I felt like I was heading towards great things. I was full of conviction and filled with the freshness of life. I had faith that I was going to make a positive difference in other people lives. I believed that I would go straight to college and accomplish my life long dream of becoming a teacher. Unfortunately, life had other plans. I did not go straight into college. I got married and started a family. Life took over and five years swiftly passed me by. A year ago, I found myself contemplating my life. I could feel the bitter seeds of regret and disappointment beginning to take hold. I began to take account of the things that truly counted in life. I did not feel like I was serving the purpose that I was intended for. I was not able to provide my son with the kind of life that I wanted to.

I felt frustrated by the monotony of my job as a waitress. I knew that if I did not start working towards achieving my dreams it would be to late and they would be lost in the corridors of my memory. I was not willing to let my dreams fade away. I was going to provide my FAMILY with a good foundation in life and all the opportunities I did not have. I was going to make a positive difference in the lives of children. I was not going to let my life pass me by. I decided it was time to try to go back to school and work towards becoming the teacher I dreamed of being.

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