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The book I read is called CRASH. The genre is adventure, and the authors are Scott Shirley and Scott Lisetor.

The book is about Josh, Susan and their parents on an airplane. They crashed into a mountain, everything went black. Susan woke up first. She made sure that her brother was still alive, and then she went to find her parents. Her parents were pinned between the seats and the control panels.

Her dad woke up, they think his leg is broken, because he can't move it. Then josh woke up, he has bruises all over his face and doesn't know what's happening. Their mom woke up, she was scared. Susan and Josh went out to find a place to build a fire. They used the wing from the airplane to cover the hole they dug. They built a fire with the ready-logs that their mom packed, but they only have a few hours worth.

They carried their dad down to the fire, then Josh and Susan set off to find more fire wood. After they found some they headed back, on their way back they heard wolves howling. Then they saw six pairs of yellow eyes. Josh scared the wolves off with the flashlight. Josh and Susan packed clothes and food, and then they left to go find help. They headed down the mountain, after a while they found a stream of water. Josh tripped over a big rock and twisted his ankle.

Susan left josh behind and kept looking for help. She smelt smoke and started running toward the smell then she found a cabin. She pounded on the door and ranger Hill answered. She told him everything and he saved her family.

I hope that you liked the story because I did. I had no idea what was going to happen. It ended good how the family was back together and safe.

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