Cosi Fan Tutte

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1. Select one scene (act and scene chosen = act two, scene one) and read through the stage directions. Make sketches of what you think the stage might look like for the chosen scene. Hand in a clear explanation describing your choice of stage details.

------------------------------ Please note that the stage details portrayed in the sketch are those of the initial phase in the scene.

Act Two Scene One This scene primarily focuses on the characters of Julie, Cherry, Roy and Lewis. This is chiefly why they are positioned down centre stage. However, the scene does deal with Henry and Zac. They are located on the far sides of the stage because of their minor roles during this event.

In the opening minutes of this scene Henry is singing loudly to the music. Although the attention of the audience is required to be focused on him, it is not for a lengthy period.

A dim light is focused on Henry to capture the essence of the event. He then ?marches his toy soldiers on to the boat.? The hospital trolley is located near the exit since it is moved off the stage during the scene. The toy boat is situated in the trolley, which stands in front of Henry. Because the toy soldiers and toy boat are a miniature size, they are located nearest to the audience in the down stage section. This also enhances and indicates that a huge crowd of soldiers are going off to war.

While the music is playing, Ruth moves from centre stage to the far side of the stage and gets a bucket, which she places under the water dripping from the roof.

Julie and Cherry enter from the top right stage. They move immediately to the centre stage. The largest of the...

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