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Music like any other form of entertainment consists of many different distinctions that can oh so easily be made between them. As well as distinctions in, lets say beat, instruments, and overall style we come to see a difference in the fans. Namely, the different arrays of people that go to these concerts have certain characteristics within their respective groups. It is these distinctions that may determine who and what types of people are listening to the music (social status, grooming habits, etc). Furthermore, once you have identified with a "side" if you will then you may possibly be an "outcast" from other groups. An example, being a country lover, who is dressed up in memorabilia or such pertaining to that music's specific style, attending a rock and roll concert. The result's I assure you can be quite devastating thus a compilation of the different types of music with brief overviews will be generated in order to remove the possibility of you attending a concert which is, "not of your nature" to say.

Reggae The traditional music of Jamaica is a much popular form of entertainment for the West Indian culture. However, during the mysterious years of those elusive hippies we found an emergence in the lovers of this brand of music. Though they love and may possibly even understand the music (lyrically but not emotionally), they cannot discern between a work of art and a mediocre compilation put together in a cheap studio somewhere in the bush. This type of music has a soft melody to it and is great fun to listen to especially when say, drinking Hennessey or "having a smoke" as they say. However, with the on come of a new generation so does change and raggae is most popular with youth when a touch of...

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