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Computers are Taking Over Computers are becoming ever more essential in daily life as the twenty-first century moves on from decade to decade. In 2002, computer's are in almost 80% of American Household's. Computers have an effect on almost every aspect of life. They change just about everything about our culture, the way we dress, eat, study, travel and spend out leisure time are all affected by the computer's development. Many think that the computer's generated images will one day replace our movie stars, retail sales and human labor will be also be replaced by computer technology. The development of Artificial Intelligence, digital entertainment, and robotics will determine the extent to which this will happen.

There is no running away from it; computers will one day replace movie stars in the entertainment industry. As you observe many of today's video games, they use cutting edge computer generated technology. The video game blockbuster "Max Payne" opened up many opportunities for computer-aided scenes in games of the future.

"Max Payne" was a breakthrough video game for the computer industry; the scenes that were used in the video game used new digital technology to freeze motion picture frames from over 300 different picture cameras, then merge them to form to create an scene in which the background is rotated around a particular object as the object moves in an opposite direction. This technology would not have been possible if it were not for digital data, which makes the data suitable for editing on computers to create scenes, such as the ones in "Max Payne".

Above is an example of a digital data editing software. The name of this particular digital editing software is Adobe premiere 6.0. Adobe Premiere can edit avi, mpeg, mpeg-2, and mov formats of digital data. The software allows you to merge scenes, add pictures and frames to scenes, change motions, and morph facial expressions. The Adobe Company continues to develop these types of software. As the company continues to develop this type of software many new features will be added, in the far future this would cause us not to need video games for entertainment because in the future digital editing software would allow you for full characters (e.g. humans, animals, aliens) for scenes in games.

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for businesses. The Internet has caused the emergence of Internet companies such as Yahoo, Cisco systems, Amazon, and many others. E-commerce has opened up new possibilities; it allows the world to be seen as a global economy where states water and location are no limitation. Retail stores that were once limited to American consumers are now open to consumers from different countries (e.g. Europe, Asia, Australia etc.). Wireless communications also allow business to communicate across national boundaries and drive down communication costs worldwide. As these costs are driven down, there will be no boundaries for culture and transactions, which will cause a global culture and a global society to be formed.

Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly growing trend in the twenty first century. A.I. is the wave of the future just as computers were the wave of the future in the 80's. Although great emphasis has not been showed in the greater society, the computer world foresees A.I. as the new field and growing trend. This new field will launch the computer into mind boggling heights; merging the Artificial intelligence developments with the development of Robotics will launch a new world in which computers can workout complex problems, just as humans. However, this may be a long time from now because computers still interpret phrases and other items that require judgment and thought literally such as phrases like, "I feel like jumping off a roof", "I feel like a hole is in my head". Computers interpret these items literally and do not understand it as humans do. Intelligent robots are a long way down the road considering where we are in development today. Someday in the far future it will be available.

Computers are becoming an ever-integral part of today's world and as computers improve we will develop more and more technology at alarming speeds. The challenge that will face many humans in the future will be to cope with the new developments in technology that occur so fast and frequently. Technology will bring together the world, clash all cultural problems and difficulties, and hopefully close the gap between the rich and the poor of the world.

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