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Now, in year 2001 computers are present everywhere. They seem to be indispensable in our lives. Since they were invented in 1948, they has revolutionized millions of people work, study, conduct business transactions or making research. At now they are even in cars, in our houses or in our toys.

The first computers were as big as huge cabinets, and they could calculate so fast like today`s simple watches or calculators. Computers are having a big impact on today`s science and technology. They could be used for making complicated mathematical calculations, and perform them in few minutes. Also data gathering, testing and analysis have been improved by computer use. Computers have many applications in factories, where they are used for controlling and analyzing many industrial processes. However, they are not only using to manufacture certain products. As I said, they are incorporated into the products, such as cars, trains ships, weapons, cash registers or machine tools.

Computers are also using in medicine. They are very helpful in medical diagnosis, patient monitoring and general hospital administration. In the banking and finance systems they have replaced paper for nearly all accounting. Such areas as architecture, engineering or machinery are also dependent on computer design. Moreover, computers are revolutionizing such fields as advertising or marketing new products. Majority of today`s advertising are making on computers, nobody is making a manual design now.

There is a widespread impact of computers in education. Education institutions use them for various purposes. First of all, they perform administrative functions, such as data recording or book-keeping. Second, they play an important role in teaching. More and more secondary schools offer classes in computer science to educate young people how to use them. This trend is increasing as we are all on the brink of computerized future and an...

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