Comparison of Two Love Stories

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Comparison of Two Love Stories

Sleepless In Seattle, and You've Got Mail. These movies share much in common, such as the actors Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, both have a loving figure who has died, and both are about two people who do not actually know each other until the end of the movie when they realize they are in love. Each is based on older screenplays. Sleepless is a variation of Love Affair, which was produced in 1939 by Leo McCarey (Simon 1). You've Got Mail was based on the screenplay The Shop Around the Corner, written by Samson Raphaelson (Loewenstein 1).

Sam Baldwin's (Tom Hanks) wife died recently, so he decides to move to Seattle. Sam is still missing his wife, but his son Jonah feels it is time for his father to start dating again, so Jonah calls in to a talk show that is hosted by Dr.

Marcia, a therapist, to talk about his dad's feelings. Dr. Marcia and Jonah coax Sam to get on the phone, and the Dr. gets Sam to open up with his memories and feelings about missing his wife.

As Sam is baring his soul on the radio, Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) is driving in her car listening with tears in her eyes. She returns home to her fiancé Walter (Bill Pulman), but she can't shake the closeness she feels to Sam. She decides to write him a letter, as did many other women, but unknown to her is the fact that Sam's son, Jonah, is reading all of the letters. Jonah thinks Annie is the best, because she talks about baseball, so he responds to her letter while telling his dad that this is the woman for him.

Meanwhile, Annie convinces her editor to send her to Seattle to...

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