The Comparision Of 1984 To Bin Ladin

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1984 and Bin Ladin 1984 is a possibility of what life could be like if communism had taken over. In the book "Big Brother" is a totaltolitarian idea. The idea is easily connected to the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban is trying for complete rule over the Afghans. Like a totaltolitarian society in the book, The Party, they both have father figures, the Taliban's is Osama Bin Ladin and the Party's is Big Brother. They both also have a traitor figures, Goldstein is public enemy of the Party and George Bush is public enemy of the Taliban. Also, they weren't always enemies, they were fighting with each other at one time. Big Brother and Goldstein founded the party, but Big brother wanted total control so he got rid of Goldstein like the Taliban got rid of George Bush Sr. after they had used him for his weapons to gain control of Afghanistan.

The classes of the Taliban and 1984 can be easily related. They are both fighting for a totaltolitarian idea of government. In 1984 there are two main groups, The Party and the Proles. The Party is related to the Taliban and the Proles are related to the Afghan people.

The Party is split into two groups, the Inner Party and the Outer Party. The Inner Party resembles the Taliban and the Outer Party resembles Bin Ladin's men. The Inner Party in 1984 are the more richer, more powerful, and are the government head of the society. The Taliban makes all of the government decisions and hordes all of the Afghan-made and purchased goods. The Taliban, like the party, has very strict restrictions. Like in Afghanistan you can't watch television and the only music that you can listen to is the chants that the Taliban sells that glorifies themselves. The Outer Party compare to Bin Laden and his men, and they, like the Outer Party, are the most depended on and hard working but don't get the credit that they deserve. The jobs of the Outer Party and Bin Ladin's men are different, but it's the idea that links them together. The Proles are exactly like the Afghan people. They are the bottom of the bottom and just don't care. They go along with the regulations set in by the Taliban to keep them happy, they are useless.

A martyr is a person who preaches and idea, acts on the idea, and dies still preaching the idea. If we were to go into Afghanistan and just kill Bin Ladin we would create a martyr. The kill would the terrorist's a reason to have a deep hate for the United States. They would become more active and more aggressive. If we were to capture Osama Bin Ladin it would probably inspire his men to take hostages and demand his release. An out of the ordinary, but attainable solution would be to let the Seals of Special Forces covertly capture him, fly him to an undisclosed hospital, obtain Al Qaeda's financial network details by whatever means. Then have surgeons perform a complete face and gender change operation. Then return her, broke, to Afghanistan to live as a woman under Taliban rule. Then we return her, broke, to Afghanistan to live as a woman under the Taliban.

In 1984 they have gotten rid of the idea of a martyr. They take the preacher and torture him and feed him philosophy of the idea of a totaltolitarian society. In the book O' Brien feeds Winston with the philosophy of "War id Peace" and "Two plus Two Equals Five." This is to make Winston accept and understand that they will work to have total control over everyone and in that they will succeed. In Afghanistan the Taliban would probably feed the enemies of the state with "George Bush Sr. is the devil, and know his son George Bush Jr. is the President of the United States." In this a person would probably feel a personal hate against George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. like the people felt towards Goldstein in the book.

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