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Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the board. My name is (Insert Name Here) and I am here on behalf of AB Amro Morgan to advise you about investing in the share market. I am an expert at analyzing share market sector performance and over the last week I have been analyzing the Steel sector of the share market, more directly OneSteel Limited. Over the duration of this presentation I will be talking about some key issues relating to the steel industry, more importantly its share price history and profitability.

The main focus of my research was on a company called Onesteel Limited. Onesteel Limited is the largest manufacturer of long steel products and is also the leading metals distribution company in Australia, with revenues of $3 billion Australian dollars. OneSteel has over 200 operational sites in Australia and New Zealand, more than 30,000 customers and employs approximately 6,900 people.

OneSteel manufactures and distributes a large range of steel products including structural supports, rails, rods and wires. A large range of OneSteel's steel products are used in the construction, manufacturing, housing, mining and agricultural industries.

Onesteel limited is a very successful steel producing company due to this being the largest Steel Company in Australia, it is no surprise that everyone wants a bit of the action and the P/E ratio shows this excellently. OneSteels' current P/E ratio as off the 21st of October was 11.9%. This suggests that there is a lot more interest in the share than its actual worth meaning that investors must think that the share price will rise in the future. This is a good thing because if the investors are happy with the current status of the share then there is a good chance that the share will rise in the future. Onesteel has...

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