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"How did we come to be?" Throughout time, history, and the world, people have wondered, and have asked, " How did we come to be?" In search of an answer to this question, some people have turned to science for logic, while others, the majority of the world's population, have looked towards their religion, culture, and ancient stories passed down from generation to generation. Two stories, which answer such a question, are "How the World was made", an ancient Cheyenne tale, and "In the Beginning", a story from genesis, the first book of the five books of the torah, the original Hebrew bible. Both stories are equally intriguing in their clever plots, and creativity, used to answer the question, but these are not the reasons for which they are so intriguing. "How the World was made", and "In the Beginning", are so interesting, because although they are from two different cultures, times, and regions, they are eerily alike, yet different in the utmost ways.

In "How the World was made", and in " In the Beginning", the similarities, which exist between the two, are amazing. In both stories, before the creators (Maheo, from "How the World was made", and God, from "In the Beginning") created life, and the world, the universe was just a vast, and dark empty void. Another similarity between the two is that both Maheo, and God were higher beings of divinity. In both stories, Maheo and God not only created life, but also admired them, and tended to their every needs. God would say that "every thing is good", and Maheo, would think in his heart of beauty. The two stories are also alike, in that the creators, Maheo, and God, both created life in almost the...

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