Comment On The Mysterious Affair At Styles By Ryan Melo

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From what I've read in the first 4 chapters of this book changed the aspect of the way I look at old books. Right away it catches the attention of the audience (The Readers) with the whole murder. The murder in the story seems to be like it will never be figured out. And in my view, I like to read stories that are never solved. It's different than all the other mystery books where as the predator is always caught. I find this story more of a suspense than mystery. Reason being is that this story already shows sophisticated fear. Usually in a mystery story you can already assume who the killer is and in this case it is very challenging. The story is made so that the killer is never found. But it puts the reader into action by have the reader make accusations and think they know who the killer is.

If you ask people who have read this book, many of them will have different ideas about who the killer is.

The setting takes place at a country-house called Styles Court. And there a man who returns from WWI comes to live. And that man would be Captain Hastings. It seems that no one in the household trusts Capt. Hastings except his wife. Soon after his return, Mrs. Inglethorp is poisoned and the characters become suspicious. Into the story comes the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Poirot begins to question the family intensely. Asking them what she had eaten last night. Poirot is already assuming that she was poisoned because of the signs she was given. Everyone thought she was sick, when she really wasn't.

Now at this point in the story I am further reading to find out more. In which is why...

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