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The Rough Collie The rough collie is one of the greatest family dogs out there in the world today. The are playful and gentle. Their fur coats are long, dense and usually a mix or brown, white, and black. They shed a lot and are very active. I believe that collies and I have very similar characteristics.

There are many traits that collies and I share. The collie's playful and gentle attitude is very similar to mine. I'm not a vicious person and I'm caring and gentle with people and things. They are also very active like me. I hate sitting still and love to do things like play sports and drums.

Collies and I even look slightly similar. Most collies' fur is just like my hair. It is thick and brown just like mine. While we many not have the same shape we do have the same colors.

Children are another thing collies and I agree on.

Collies are excellent pets for kids. They are a great playful companion for them. I also love to be with children. I always wished that I had a younger brother or sister.

The similarities between collies and I are many. We are similar in all kinds of ways. Feeling, attitude, and even looks. Collies and I are like twins from different species.

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