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David Rosser English 1101 Dr. Sims November 15, 2001 PlayStation 2 There are many different types of game stations available on the market today. A buyer could choose from Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Dream Cast, X-Box, and many other systems. Out of all these systems, the one that stands out the most to me would be the PlayStation 2. This system is the follow-up of the early model PlayStation. The PlayStation 2 has the best graphics, more games, and it also has special features.

When I play this system I already know what the creators had in mind. When you first turn on the system the graphics basically jump out at you. Sony, the creators of PlayStation 2, made the system so it would show in 3-D. The games look more realistic compared to other systems. When playing games on the system you cant help but notice the quality of the picture.

The game system defines the colors, making them brighter and more noticeable. This is a plus compared to older model systems that had dark color schemes. The system also does not let the graphics get ahead of the game. This is flaw in older systems because the game pauses so it is able to catch up with the graphics. When this happens players get frustrated because it usually takes a while before it starts back up. The system will also play older games and enhance the graphics on them. The games are also better on PlayStation 2. There are a wider variety of games to choose from. This system has all sorts of games, ranging from educational games to fighting games and everything in between. Sony offers interactive games where the player can decide on what he or she wants to happen. They also offer architecture games where you can build things such as building or even roller coasters. The system even allows you to play games that were made to play on the first model. That means you would not have to buy the same game all over. Other systems do not offer these types of games and privileges. If they are fortunate enough to make a remodel of their first system, they usually change the style of their games. This is a disadvantage to buyers because they will not be able to play their older games. The newer games have better sound, graphics, and color. They also have follow-ups of old games that you would not be able to get on other game systems. An example of this would be Need for Speed 3. The games are also cheap compared to newer game console games. On the average a PlayStation 2 game will cost anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars. While on the other hand X-box game cost anywhere from forty to eighty dollars.

The PlayStation 2 also has greater features then the other types of systems. One feature that it has to offer would be that you are able to play compact disks. This means that not only can you use it to play games, but you can also use it to play music. This could help the user save money. Now he or she does not need to buy that CD player for their room. Another advantage would be that it plays movies. The system is able to play DVD's. The system has the same exact graphics and controls of an average DVD player. This will help save the user from spending anywhere from a hundred to three hundred dollars on a DVD player. The system is also able to play old PlayStation disk. This lets PlayStation lovers play the games they love with a new twist. Some other special features the system has to offer would be memory cards, remote controls, Dual Shock controllers, car wheel for driving games, and a multi adapter which enables four or more players to play at one time.

The system also has a package plan. You can buy a PlayStation 2 system for two hundred and ninety-nine dollars. This package comes with the game console, one analog controller, one PlayStation AV cable, and a power plug. You can also buy the Gran Turismo 3 racing pack. This package comes with everything above and a racing game. You cannot get a game, DVD player, and a CD player with remote with any other type of system or for less then three hundred dollars. So not only does the system offer better graphics, games, and features but it is also a bargain. With all of its special features and graphics, PlayStation 2 is the best game console on t

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