Cocaine And Pregnancyâ€"Time To Look At The Evidence

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Cocaine and Pregnancy"”Time to Look at the Evidence An epidemic, that has affected the lives of many, is known as Cocaine. What are the relationships between maternal cocaine and the use during pregnancy? What are the possible outcomes of the child? How does it affect us? Cocaine "¦ a bitter crystallized alkaloid, that is obtained from cocoa leaves, used as an anesthetic, can result in physiological disorders, and in large doses produces an intoxication like that of hemp. Cocaine (C17H2NO4) is said that it does not affect physical growth, but affective in early childhood. You may be able to distinguish within the first 6 years if you child, falls among the many in the category of a "Crack Baby". Children who are put into this category will experience mental disorders. Each year more than 200 women who use crack are given $200.00 to get sterilized. While cocaine as an inhalant was a popular drug for the upper-middle class of the 1970's.

It has not has the same media and attention of the public as smoking crack, with inner-city youth. Through the years the incarcerated individuals in the United States has more than tripled, causing the U.S. to be ranked as the 2nd highest in incarceration in the world. Where men still dominate in the use of Cocaine, the opposite sex has taken a dramatic increase in the use of the drug. The phrase "Crack Baby" has become a symbol for an aggressive war on the drug users because of the implication that anyone who is elfish enough to irreparably damage a child, for a quick high deserves retribution. However there are two sides to each story and in this case it has served as a potent symbol in the ongoing fight of abortion. Those opposing abortion generally have done so in the name of personhood. This war is a struggle over abortion and political controversies.

Although in the end the "Crack Baby" has stirred partisan passions, the meta-analysis of Frank et al indicated the images are not based on fact. As we all take a part in this struggle over the epidemic we all fall under different categories of abortion and drug addiction. With the analysis of Frank et al in mind we may be a bit steadier in the battle science and therapy.

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