It is clear that an abortion is a deliberate removal

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It is clear that an abortion is a deliberate removal of a developing baby with a heartbeat, nervous system, fingerprints and more from the womb of the mother. An abortion is a termination of pregnancy that can be either spontaneous or induced. Spontaneous abortions are often called miscarriages. A miscarriage is a pregnancy that ends by itself within the first 20 weeks, usually because the pregnancy is not developing normally. Induced abortion artificially ends the pregnancy and depending on how far along the pregnancy is determines the method used. Abortion like any other surgical operations has risks.

In the state of Washington abortion is legal. In 1973, it was made legal through Washington and other states through the case Roe vs. Wade.

Initiative 694 was proposed to outlaw partial-birth in Washington State was defeated by 57.1% to 42.8% in 1998. After this Initiative was defeated NARAL stated Washington was the most "abortion friendly" state in the union.

Washington established Initiative-120 and we live with that law today. Initiative-120 states that: · It requires abortion-on-demand.

· Tells the state that it can only regulate abortions in ways that make it more accessible for the mother.

· Abortion must be funded by public money.

Initiative-120 was passed by less than a third of 1%, requiring no live births. But Initiative-120 states parental notification, informed consent and waiting periods are to help the woman from complications of abortions.

Women have many reasons for having abortions.

· Financial · Age · Rape/Incest · Unable to care for a child, the way a child needs to be cared for.

There are many forms of abortion that are legal in the state of Washington..

A few types of abortions are: 3 Months · Section Curettage · Dilatation and Curettage · Chemical Abortions Later Stages · Dilation and Evacuation · Partial Birth Abortion -> Pic.

· Saline Solution -> Pic.

· Prostaglandin Abortion · Inter-cardiac Injection Some of the risks mothers have can be long term and some short term. Abortion is a very safe, compared to giving birth. There are some risks with abortion but risks are minimal.

· Infection · Perforation of uterine wall.

· Incomplete abortion The risk of death associated with childbirth is about 10 times as high as that associated with abortion. Having to get a hysterectomy is very rare.

In Washington state if you are pregnant "emergency Medical assistance" is available to all low-income women regardless if she wants to give birth or abortion. The cost of abortion depends on the stage of pregnancy in which clinics providing services.

· 1st trimester: Runs about $400-$600.

· 2nd trimester: Runs about $500-$5,000.

Depending on your insurance it may be covered. But most insurances cover abortions.

In the state of Washington parental consent is not required for women under 18 years old. If you are pregnant and under 18 year of age you are considered emancipated minors by Washington State. Your spouse or partner does not need to be notified in order for you to have an abortion. Patients have their own rights in Washington. A few Patient Rights are: · The right to know whom your physician is.

· The right to a translator if not able to speak English.

· No one can restrict your access to abortion. If anyone does try to restrict you they can be reported.

The statistics in the state of Washington have increased since the Roe vs. Wade case was passed.

· Since 1973, abortion has become the most often performed out patient surgery.

· More then 4,000 abortions are performed each day nationally. 72 each day in Washington.

· More than 685,000 abortions have been performed in Washington since 1971.

· Abortions have increased 102% while the population has only increased 63%.

· About 1 in 500 abortions have major complications.

Here are some abortion statistics in the state of Washington yearly.

· Under the age of 15: 7% · Between ages 15-19: 19.9% · Between ages 20-24: 30.5% · Between ages 25-29: 22.2% · Between ages 30-34: 15.1% · Between ages 35-39: 8.4% · Over the age of 40: 3% · Unknown: 1% · Total Abortions: 25,075.

We believe that abortion is a decision that should continue to be at the mother's choice, it should not be illegal in any state. We believe that if a woman is being careless and having unprotected sex then it should not be allowed to be used as a method of birth control. But think about the teenage girls who are victims of incest and rape. Should they have to have the child that was made as a result of a crime committed by someone? Not by their own actions NO! I think there are positives and negatives to go along with abortion therefore Washington State has laws about abortion. No one knows whet its like to be in the situation until they are in it, Before you are to judge abortion think about why people have them. There should be a legitimate reason for having an abortion. The choice should be the mothers not the politicians who rule on that subject. Washington has politicians who think of the women's right instead of their own beliefs and were glad were here to have the right to choice what we should do.

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