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Claude Oscar Monet was born on November 14th, 1840 in Paris to a grocery shop owner and his wife, Louise Monet. Claude grew up in Le Harve on the Normandy coast. He showed promise of an artist throughout his adolescens and the year after his mother's death in 1857 he met Eugene Boudin who gave him crucial early guidance in his work. In 1859 Monet began his formal art education at the Academie Suisse in Paris. This studio provided models but gave little direct instruction. In 1861 to 1862 Monet served in the French military in Algeria. Many art historians think that the vivid colors of North Africa may have influenced Monet's love for bright colors in his work. After leaving the army Monet joined a studio ran by Charles Gabriel Gleyre. Here Monet met future impressionists, Aguste Renior, Alferd Sisley, and Frederic Bazille. Bazille came from a rich family and helped support Monet financially throughout the 1860's.

In 1866 Monet painted Camille, a work that was accepted by the official Salon. This painting featured Camille Doncieux, a model who also became Monet's companion. The year after this painting was completed, Camille gave birth to Monet's first son Jean Monet. In 1867, despite having a son to care for, Monet tries to commit suicide. Failing in his attempt, they move to the village of Saint-Michel and Monet paints with Renoir for awhile.

In 1870 Monet marries Camille, a marrige that his family disapproves of an a year after his wedding Monet's father dies. In a 1874 exhibitation (this is the first Impressionist Exhibition), Monet's famous painting, "Impression: sunrise" gives birth to the term impressionism. Monet meets a rich shop owner Ernest Hoshede and his wife Alice, who buys several of his paintings for their summer house. A year...

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