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Our children are loosing the battle for a good education. Why are the graduation rates in Wyandotte County so low compared to other counties with the same number of kids? Is it because the teachers are not as good as teachers in other districts, or is it because our children are dumb? NO! Our children and teachers are doing all they can and are begging for help.

The main source of the problem would appear to be class sizes. Can we expect a teacher to give twenty to thirty students the equal amount of time each student needs to understand and comprehend the work? Teachers and students through out the country have stated that classroom size does affect the quality of education. The issue of overpopulated classrooms has now become an item on many political agendas.

Congressman Dennis Moore recently presented a report to the Senate regarding classroom sizes in our metropolitan area.

This report indicates that we also have problems with over populated classrooms in Wyandotte County. How can we expect our children to be able to concentrate and learn in crowded classrooms? The size of classrooms has been growing at an accelerated rate and minimal measures have been taken to correct this problem until recently. Research projects are popping up everywhere regarding the negative effects of large classrooms.

Although there are many critics that feel the idea of reducing class size will have no affect on education, there is data from studies done in states across the nation that have suggested that reducing class sizes does have a positive "˜long-term' affect on the quality of our children's education. Studies such as the famous STAR project conducted in the state of Tennessee have suggested that only positive results can be made from reducing class sizes. Many states have begun...

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