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I for one believe that there were two main strategic goals of both the Union and the Confederate army. The Union's main goal was to take back the south. They could not just sit back and let them secede without a fight. They thought that it was unconstitutional. To do this they had to go into the south and take it back. The Confederate's main goal was to break off and form its own separate country. Now the strategic parts start to come in on how these two were going to accomplish their goals. Which means that they were going to have to take most of the major states and cities. They would have to go into another's territory and defeat them. Now the South had to defend its home. I believe people will fight harder for something if they are at home, which they were, and have something personal to lose.

I believe that the North's weakness was its arrogance. It thought that since it had more people, money, and was more industrialized that it would just waltz down to the south and just take it. Now they did have some strengths as well. As I have stated eariler they had more people and money. I do also believe that they were a little smarter than the south was. Now the South had one advantage that was a very big one to me. It was at home. It is very hard to go into someone's home and just take advantage of them. Now to start the war neither the north or the south had very many competent army leaders, but as the war and time goes on the bad one's weed themselves out, and the good one's come to the front. But I do think that the North...

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