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Columbus is probably the most well known explorer of the Renaissance. Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451 into a family of weavers. He was named Christoforo Colombo. He had little education and could not read or write until he was an adult. Like many boys from Genoa, he became a sailor. His explorations had many widespread effects on the world.

Europeans have always been attracted to Asia. However, when the Ottoman Turks conquered the Middle East the Europeans were not able to get across it to Asia. People then spoke of gaining access to Asia by sea. Another reason for going to Asia by sea was to increase trade routs. This was the beginning of a new global age.

Before he could set out on his voyage to India, Columbus had to find financial support for his journey. In 1484, Columbus asked King John of Portugal who refused it because he claimed the distance was too far for any fleet to sail.

Four years later Columbus proposed his journey to the court of Spain where they argued it for six years. Meanwhile Columbus went to England, France, and again Portugal where he was rejected every time. Finally, in 1492 Queen Isabella of Spain agrees to support him.

On August 3rd 1492, Columbus set out on his voyage with his three ships, the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. The journey dragged on longer than expected, but finally on October 12th they reached land. Columbus had reached what he thought was India, but he had actually reached Cuba. The island of Cuba was a disappointment so the crew left to search for more land. They found another island, which Columbus named Hispaniola. In the meantime, the Santa Maria was destroyed and so the two ships went home to...

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