"Choosing" This essay is based on my decision between living with my Mother or my Father.

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The choices as they were, were either staying with my mom, or moving to my dad's. I weighed my options carefully, thinking of the consequences. As the day drew to a close, I packed my things. I was moving. My mom was devastated, my dad was ecstatic, and I guess I could say I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, the Friend of the Court had to make the final decision but my choice and opinion helped a lot.

Change is difficult, being a willing challenge or a forced decision. I've wanted to move downstate to my dad's house in Berkley since last year. I tried to move down last year, but my mom wouldn't let me. My mom wanted me to live with her until I graduated from high school. After high school she said I can do what ever I want. My mother, Mary Field, lives up north on Grand Lake, near Alpena with my step dad, Don, and my brother, Ryan, who is eighteen.

I went to Posen High, home of the Vikings. It's a kindergarten through twelfth grade school with only 341 students, 191 in the high school. My mom says it's a special thing to graduate in a small school with all your friends. That was her excuse for me to stay with her. I told her my friends aren't just going to disappear as soon as I move; they'll always be my friends.

When thinking about moving to Berkley, I had to consider the positives and negatives about my decision. I thought of the positives first. There are a lot more opportunities for my future downstate, such as jobs and education, where there are little to no opportunities for me in Posen. There are so many more fun things to do in the city and...

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