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FF7 chocobo guide This was a request that I make a chocobo guide for this site since a lot of people have problems with breeding chocobos. Thanks for the idea! (forgot who you are...sorry...=^_^=) If you don't know what chocobo breeding is, it is when you breed chocobos, put them in Gold Sauser races, and you breed them again to form a whole new chocobo. Depending on the type of chocobo you get, you can go to secret caves to get some powerful materia. You can also get the most powerful summon materia, "Knights of the Round." So that is bacically what it is.Before you start this, I reconmend you selling a mastered "all" materia to get some money, because you will need it...and a lot of it....

First, go to the Chocobo farm and talk to the old guy in the house. He will charge you 10,000 gil per chocobo to keep it in the barn.

By about 3 to start. The first thing you have to to when you breed chocobos is catching them (duh). You will need the materia "Chocobo Lure." You will also need some greens (doesn't matter which kind if you are just catching them...). I would reconmend you to go to the chocobo tracks next to Mideel and try to catch 'great' chocobos. Catch about 3 or 4, and then return to the Chocobo farm. Go into the barn and talk to that one guy walking around. This is when you chose which chocobo to put into the barn.

It will show you commands, and you will have to pick the command "move chocobos". Then you scroll through to see which one to pick. If it says "this is a great chocobo!" then pick that one. Choose a name for it, and pay attention when it says wether it is male or female (thats important when you are breeding...=^_^=). Check the other chocobos, and if there is another great one, then choose it, and make sure that it is in the opposite sex of the one that you aleady have.

Next, I will explain what to feed the chocobos. I suggest that you go over to the Chocobo Sage's house (his house is near the northern crator) to buy your chocobo's food. By about 20 of the most expencive ones (20 greens per chocobo) and then go back to the barn and feed it.

You start racing chocobos by going to the Gold Sauser, and go to the Chocobo's square. Talk to Ester, and she will ask you if you want to regester and which chocobo you want to regester and etc. And then you just...well....try to win the race. There are 4 ranks that your chocobo can be in; C (this is where you start out), B, A, and S. Try to get both of your chocobos into rank A before you breed them.

There are different kinds of chocobos you can get depending on what nut you give your chocobo. You just repeat the prosses of feeding and racing your chocobos. Below you will find how to get each chocobo.

Mountain Crossing chocobo (light green)-Breed 2 great chocobos with a Carb nut. Red dragons which live near the Bone Village carry them (steal it from them).

River Crossing chocobo (light blue)-You do the same thing when you get the Mounain Crossing chocobo.

Moutain and River crossing chocobo (black)-You breed a Moutain Crossing chocobo and a River Crossing chocobo together with a Carb nut.Make sure that they are in rank A.

Ocean Crossing chocobo (gold)-You breed a Mountain and River crossing chocobo with a "wonderful chocobo." Wonderful chocobos are located near Icicle Inn (they are pretty hard to catch though...). You use a Ziro nut (they are in the islands, which are located at the upper right corner of the world map). Again, before breeding, make sure you feed them and that they are in top rank.

Well, I think that does it. Just use the chocobos to find caves where materia is. Just make sure that you have enough stables, and you will have to get rid of some chocobos if you run out of space. Good need it....

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