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Chivalry Chivalry is a body of knights with systems, spirits, ways, customs of medieval knighthood.

Launcelot is a good example of a chivalrous person. He shows bravery, honor, and wisdom.

Sir Launcelot shows bravery when he is in front of the crowd at the festival and everyone are enjoying their selves. A solider comes out from the palace and stands in front of the crowd and he replies saying, "Whoever can run through the gallows without falling or getting hit may kiss Mi Lady Gwynevere." (movie) Launcelot had in his heart to kiss Lady Gwynevere anyway so he ran through the gallows without falling. When he went to Mi Lady, he asked her to ask him to kiss her, Mi Lady refused. Launcelot then walked away in pride.

In showing honor, Sir Launcelot saved Mi Lady Gwynevere from Maligan. One knight Maligan sent his men's to go steal Mi Lady.

Launcelot seen the attack, he then followed the men who attacked Mi Lady. As he entered the village where Maligan had his men bring Mi Lady he sensed the soldiers were ready to attack him. So Launcelot held his hands up toward the sky and said, " you can come out wherever you are, I am alone and unarmed." (movie) Slowly the soldiers came out from behind the rocks, they grabbed Sir Launcelot and took him inside to Maligan. Launcelot told Maligan he had a message from King Arthur, but he must first see Lady Gwynevere to make sure she's safe. After seeing that Mi Lady was safe he battled Maligan men and brought Lady Gwynevere back to the King.

Sir Launcelot shows he has wisdom when King Arthur welcomes him into his army of men. Launcelot has a choice whether to accept the presence of being a soldier in Camelot or living a life of his. Launcelot accepted the privilege to be a soldier for King Arthur. Lady Gwynevere sees the love Launcelot has for her and knows that he's not going to give up. Later on that day Lady Gwynevere approaches Launcelot and says why must you stay? Launcelot replies looking into her eyes, " because I will do anything to stay around you Mi Lady." (movie) Launcelot is very honorable for the good deeds he did, and it shows me he was a very chivalrous man.

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