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Child pornography is a real and pressing problem that exists on local, national and international levels. Directing educational campaigns and training towards parents, teachers, students, legislators, civil servants, child welfare agencies, the private sector and law enforcement personnel on a national level is an important step towards the solution. These local efforts must be supported by global cooperation of an enormous magnitude.

There are many victims of child pornography and generally the victims are children under age 13. Children should be given sexual education thus they can understand what pornography and prostitute really are and they will be able to know its impact to their future. Opening the lines of communication with children on these issues will educate them on the true nature of this lifestyle. We need to inform the children about prostitution and pornography and let them know it is not easy or glamorous way of life.

Purpose, Scope and Limitations

The purpose of this report is to analyze the cause and effect of child pornography in the society so that the amount of the victim of child pornography could be reduced. Child pornography is an international phenomenon. In developing countries, the reality of child pornography is dwarfed by magnitude of other problems such as poverty, infant mortality, illiteracy, hunger, and disease and often there is little reliable data on the subject. Nonetheless, the pornographic exploitation of minors is a phenomenon that exists throughout the world. One of our limitations is having no direct source of information, thus it is hard to know exactly how their conditions are.

Sources and Methods

In preparing this report, we have done researches on Analisa newspaper and Internet at Then the data was analyzing and summarizing into this report after being compare...

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