A child named Lena McPherson was the last of three

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A child named Lena McPherson was the last of three children. She was very special to her parents because she was the only girl. Lena had a caul (or veil) over her face when she was born, which symbolizes special powers. Lena's mother and father died in an airplane accident. Her two brothers died as well. Lena had no family, but she had one best friend, Angie. Lena lives in Mulberry Georgia. Mulberry is a very vibrant community.

Lena is a small business owner. She is financially stable, has a large beautiful home, and the latest car. She helps orphan kids, and donates money to charities. One of the things she does the most, is help people around the neighborhood. She is the helping hand of the neighborhood. Lena is a passionate and caring woman. She has everything she wants and needs, except a man. She is desperate for love and companionship.

Every man Lena meets, she is unsatisfied with. Lena and Angie perform a supernatural ritual to conjure up a man for Lena. A man named Herman comes along. Herman has been dead for 100 years; he was back from slavery. He is simply a ghost. He is brilliant, good looking, strong, and sensitive. He teaches Lena the powers of her caul. She can see spirits and can look into the future. That is why no one ever sees Herman, except for Lena. So for one year, Lena and Herman live happily and content. Then Herman disappears. His love changes Lena's life forever.

The setting for this book was in Mulberry Georgia, along The Ocawatchee River; in the spring of 1995. "All around unexpected pockets in Mulberry County in the spring of 1995, there was life going on and going on at a furious pace." [p.1] There were three main characters in this book. The first character is Lena; she is very nice and helpful. "Everyone always asked Lena for help, because she would never say no." [p.18] The second character is Herman: he is brilliant, good looking and a ghost. "Herman is very patient with Lena, and teaches her the powers of her caul." [p.201] The third character is Angie; she is honest, and also, she is Lena's best friend. "Lena and Angie have known each other since grade school, and they are 45 years old." [p.55] "Angie never had a problem telling Lena how she felt." [p.56]

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