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Every parent wants to make the best decisions for the children. So if something is causing harm to their child, then what will they do? They will do the what is best for their child. According to a recent study by Stanford University, children ages 6-14 spend more time watching t.v. and playing video games in two days, then they spend on homework all week long. So, is this hurting the child academmecly? Since children, on average, spend 3 hours a day in front of a television, is their social life being impared? Scientists and psychologists have been watching and studying children's behavior for decades, and have come up with this fact- A child is taught by what he sees. So is watching T.V. and playing video games good for a child? Pshychologists have found t.v. to be addictive. It is not physically addictive like a drug, but it is very easy to get in a habit of watching television.

Researchers have found that people can spend 3 hours watching television without a break, but when it comes to anything else, such as work, people need breaks every hour. The average atteniton span of a 16 year old boy is around 30 minutes. Just long ennough to watch a show on television. But when it comes to the classroom, students are being expected to concentrate for 45+ minutes. Elemntary students have an even lower attention span, but somehow manage to sit down for cartoon after cartoon. Is the addictive side of television adapting childrens minds to the way it runs? The television is not entirely evil. Infact watching television can be very positive. According to some psychologists, t.v. allows people to be more visual and expressive. It also can encourage roll models. Another good trait accoriding to Stanford U. is...

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