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We have a lot of problems facing this modern world including global warming, nuclear proliferation, pollution, and war. One of the most overlooked problems that is facing this world is Chemical Weapons warfare. I will be discussing Chemical Weapons and their effect on people and the environment. Chemical Weapons need to be thought as a problem that requires an efficient swift solution.

Before we can discuss the effect of Chemical Weapons on people and the environment we must discuss what exactly Chemical Weapons are. Chemical weapons have been defined as "chemical substances, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, which might be employed because of their direct toxic effects on man, animals and plants." In other words, Chemical weapons are used for their harmful effect on people, the environment, and other things -- such as food supplies. Normally, Chemical weapons are used in war.

These chemical weapons that are used tend to be in the form of solids, liquids and sometimes gases.

While there are several different types of Chemical agents, the main groups are: Nerve Agents, Mustard Agents, Hydrogen Cyanide, Tear Gases, Arsines, Psychotomimetic Agents and Toxins.

It was stated that Chemical Weapons are normally used in war. Chemical Warfare has become a part of 20th century warfare. Chemical Weapons were first used World

War I, and are still have been since. A recent incident involving Americans and Chemical Warfare was from the Persian Gulf Conflict in which US soldiers were exposed to chemical weapons. Since then, many soldiers have become sick with a strange "Gulf- syndrome" that has since been attributed to Chemical Weapons used secretly by Iraq.

Chemical Weapons are extremely dangerous and hazardous to life. This is their sole purpose. Their effects on humans and the environment can be incredible and awful.

The effect of a chemical...

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