Charlie And The Choclate Factory

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This is an exquisite book written by Roald Dahl. IT depicts a perfect childhood fantasy. This book shows glimpses of a variety of human charecters.

The story is about 5 children who are spoilt silly and 1 who cant buy a single candybar. These blessed children are given the golden oppurtunity of visiting Mr.Willy Wonkas choclate factory.

The 5 winners are Augustus Gloop who eats everything in his midst Veruca Salt who has her parents on leash Violet Bearegarde who chews gum 24/7 Mike Teavee who is hooked to the television And of course theres Charlie who is honest,kindhearted,lovable and generous. He comes from an impoverished famil and stumbles upon this chance of a lifetime by pure luck.

Together these 5 children enter a Dreamworld ,A paradise of Chocolate. It is here that Charlie realizes his wildest dreams and has the most fun of his life!! This book is an excellent chronicle of the feelings that many children act upon each and everyday.

This book has many dimensions of human nature instilled in it.

This book is a must read for everysingle person child or adult especially for those who like an inspiring tale of dreams and fantasies...

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