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Both of my poems concern the notion of childhood and the affect of life on that childhood. However, they both express completely different point of views - 'Rising five' uses the idea of a child to show how children treasure life so much more than adults. Charles Causley's poem uses the child to show how growing up can teach children to treasure life - both are valid arguments.

On reading the first stanza of 'Rising Five', I could feel the excitement and energy of the boy. He is described by using vibrant images of bouncing curls and 'toffee-buckled cheeks' to show his energy, and give the poem a light and happy tone. 'Not four, but rising five' shows how much this boy enjoys every new minute of life, and is very proud of the fact he is almost five - he is 'alive' in anticipation of the future.

The focus of the second stanza of 'Rising five' is on nature and growth.

The season is the end of spring -but not quite summer as it is 'the season after blossoming'. This shows the boys inquisitive nature, first shown by his 'spectacles, brimful of eyes to stare' as he is interested in the little things in life - the details of the flowers blossoming. He still notices the things many adults take for granted. The tone of this stanza is of amazement and wonder, the world around him is so busy and exciting, as nature is shaking off winter and embracing new life. Just as nature is embarking on a new session of growth, so too is the boy beginning a new phase of learning and 'growth' in his life. The assonance 'buds unbuttoned' shows the energy of spring through the image of popping buttons open (personification), the opening up...

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