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Throughout the years I have been a part of many classes and I've noticed that almost every class has a variation of the following students; Teacher's Pet, Regurgitator, Loudmouth, Fashion Bug and The Reservist. All these individuals bring diversity and more often than not some much needed comic relief to classrooms, the students are all unique and they make the classroom setting more relaxed and to a certain extent enjoyable.

Teacher's Pets are students who sit front and center. They always seem to know the answers to questions asked, therefore they always raise their hands when a question is asked. This sometimes annoys other students but sometimes the predictability of their actions is amusing. The Teacher's Pet is seldom late to class and in the event they are late a very believable excuse is forthcoming. Fellow classmates usually dislike teacher's Pet, and they are referred to as "butt kissers" behind their backs.

He or she is or among the top performers in the class.

Loudmouths are students who speak at the top of their voices. Whenever they speak in class students turn to glare at them. The loudmouth usually has opinions contradictory to those of the Instructor, for this reason they sometimes find themselves the subject of jokes among fellow students. The Loudmouths like to stand out and be noticed therefore, sometimes they try to be comical at the expense of the Instructor. This usually works, but sometimes out of spite for the Loudmouth, students will pretend whatever was said is not amusing. The Loudmouths academic performance is usually about average.

Regugitators are annoying students. They repeat most of what the Instructor says in the form of a question. They then proceed to answer these questions themselves. Regugitators want to seem knowledgeable therefore they ask questions of the Instructor they think will impress fellow students and the Instructor. This person generally doesnít speak to other classmates unless required to. Questions and comments form the Regugitator is usually met with sighs of disgust and annoyance by fellow students. The Regurgitator consistently performs above average.

The Fashion Bugs are extremely fashion conscious. If a student desired to know the latest in hairstyles, clothes and accessories observing the Fashion Bug for a week would garner them that Knowledge. The fashion Bug is generally late for class. This is to ensure that everyone gets a good look at his or her ensemble. Because they are always late they have a tendency to borrow notes from other students, which means they are friends with almost every student in class. The Fashion Bugs acts clueless and typically performs below average.

Reservists are low profile students. They are hardly ever late to class; this is in an attempt to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. The reservist by no means answers questions in class unless called on by the Instructor. These students dress very plainly and never wears items of clothing that would invite questions or comments from fellow students. They generally perform well in class however, the names of Reservists are seldom known and classmates tend not to acknowledge them outside of class.

All students in a class help to prepare fellow students for the diversity of the world. The variations of the Teacherís Pet, Loudmouth, Regurgitator, Fashion Bug and the Reservist makes the knowledge gained in a classroom a more rounded one.

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