Chapter 12 Of Animal Dreams

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Chapter 12 is important to the story because Cosima, as well as the readers, see a new and different perspective of life. Cosima discovers how Loyd reallye fells and from this point, her character will change from the time she moved to Grace to now. I think that Loyd will now become a big part of Cosima's life.

The title "Animal Dreams" comes from the turning point of Cosima in the book. Loyd thinks that animals dream about whatever they do when they're awake. It is the same with people. Loyd says, "Your dreams, what you hope for and all that, it's not separate from your life. It grows right up out of it." This helps Cosima to realize you can make your life however you want it. I predict that with this inspiration, she may do something about her medical career. I think the author explained animal dreams in this part of the book because there is a second turning point in this chapter.

Cosima will not feel lonely anymore. From the time Cosima moved to Grace, she was more lonely than ever before her entire life. But now, she has Loyd. She said that her body was renewed, and she felt like a patch of ground that had been rained on.

Cosima also realizes that she is not alone anymore because Loyd expressed his true feelings toward her. He was sorry for being a jerk during high school, and he never brought anyone up to the prehistoric condos. He told her that he really liked her, and Cosima noticed that Loyd really listened to the conversation, whereas Carlos could've cared less.

The fact that Cosima never told anyone about her miscarriage and that Loyd neglected her after a couple of dates during high school really...

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