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Nick Hamilton Hamilton 1 Mr. Klein English September 8, 2000 How to Change a Tire on an Automobile Changing a tire is a very important situation that thousands of people are stuck with everyday. Flat tires occur all the time, and with this step by step explanation it will definitely benefit a lot of people. This paper will save you both time and money so pay attention closely and follow it word for word. One important thought before the analysis, to prevent a flat tire try and stay out of everything that looks suspicious in the road.

The first and probably one of the most important steps is to park your car on a level surface so, there will be no risk of having the car roll forwards, or backwards.

After you've parked, apply your emergency break and parking break just as a precaution.

Once you are sure your vehicle is securely stable, locate your jack and tire changing tool's, which are usually located in the trunk.

Hamilton 2 Place the jack underneath the car and depending on the flat find out where a safe lifting point would be. Slowly lift the car to take strain off the wheel, make sure the wheel is just barley off the ground.

Once the car is off the ground, locate the lug-nuts which are on the rim inside the tire, and begin loosing them with the tools you found earlier.

Proceed again with the jack and raise it all the way off the ground so that the wheel can be removed. Now that the wheels is totally off the ground take all the lug-nuts completely off.

Store the lug-nuts in a plastic bag or, lay them down next to the car so that you can find them later.

Once this step is finished...

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