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Change is a process - rapid or slow, and to many, change is an inevitable experience, presenting diverse consequences, both positive and negative. However, the effect of such change is determined by the demeanour of the individual approaching this transition. Prescribed and related material such as the novel Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy, the short story Sky-High by Hannah Robert, the poem The Glass Jar composed by Gwen Harwood and the film Good Will Hunting demonstrate these concepts of change in great detail. These ideas of change and their consequences are encapsulated and portrayed to the audience through a variety of techniques including; imagery, descriptive and emotive language, a variety of registers, visuals, sequences of events, contrast, alliteration and personification. Each technique contributes to the individuals understanding of change, its concepts and its consequences.

The novel, Maestro composed by Peter Goldsworthy exhibits the process of maturation and growing through countless experiences.

Paul Crabbe, the main character, develops from a boy full of youthful arrogance, vanity and self-importance, into a man dissatisfied with the person he has come to be and the life in which he leads. Paul's perspective of himself changes and develops throughout the novel as a result of experience. Paul moved to Darwin as boy who'd placed himself on a pedestal believing he was better then those around him. He assumed that he was destined for great things in all aspects of life, but particularly in piano playing, "Half-filled with love, half with envy, I knew that I too, wanted the spotlight, centre-stage, up front". This perception of himself and his abilities is the main theme that is developed through the novel Maestro. This growth is caused by the means of one person, Eduard Keller, and the influence he had on the life of Paul. Keller, Paul's piano...

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